Why Alchemist?


Although the benefits we bring to our clients vastly outweigh our fees, we know that all companies have a budget to work to. As such we fix our charges at the start of the project without any further hidden costs. Ultimately we set our fees at a level we feel is a fair reflection of the time, skill and passion that goes into designing bespoke corporate identity. Many examples of our company branding work can be viewed in the portfolio section.


Many creative agencies will outsource work to inexperienced suppliers to keep their profits high. At Alchemist Logo Design all of our logos are designed in house with many years of experience in the design industry. We understand the importance of great company branding and the effect it has on a company’s profile in the marketplace.


Martin Christie has been working in the industry for over 15 years and has considerable knowledge and experience in graphic design. Having worked for branding companies in London including ‘Virgin’ he also has experience in the international market. Singapore was his base for four years helping him expand his design style, technique and business acumen. In 2009 he formed Logo Design London (now Alchemist) with his desire to produce exceptional branding which is cost-effective with straight forward thinking and designs clients can be proud of.

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