Logo Design Services

What are the benefits of having an effective logo?

It makes you more memorable

A well-thought-out logo helps keep your brand in the mind of potential customers, helping you to stand out from the crowd.

It provides consistency

Once you’ve got your own logo, it can be used on your website, across social media, on physical products and on advertising materials, tying your work together and solidifying your brand.

It portrays a professional image

Your logo gives your business a visual identity that contributes to your professional image.

Brings return on investment

Your logo is the foundation pillar of all your marketing materials, providing a professional image which attracts customers, therefore building your brand and business.

Logotype development: Logos are divided into two categories which are text based designs and ones that have an icon with text. Icon based designs can be separated from the company’s name and used as a stand alone branding component if you so choose. Clients may be unsure which category they wish to develop and which is best for their company; this is not a problem and we willingly experiment and recommend a design direction.

Peace of mind: All of our logos are designed only in Adobe Illustrator (vector format). This means they can be enlarged to any dimensions without compromising the clarity which enables freedom for your branding to be situated on any medium without restriction.

Electronic files: The finished logotype is supplied via email in the following file formats: ai, pdf, eps, png, jpeg and psd.

Logo copyright: We will transfer full copyright on the agreed final designs to the client and we will have no legal right to use it without the clients’ consent.

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