Brand, Brand, Branding! (NOT RUSSELL)

Our branding design services can help your business to appear distinctive, professional and consistent to your clients. Effective branding ensures that you set the right tone with your clients from the first interaction. By setting a good impression from the outset, our creative brand and corporate identity services can help you to build trust and brand loyalty with your customers, which helps to grow your business.

The elements of branding design

Our branding design services encompass 5 main elements. You’re welcome to pick and choose which of these below services best suit your needs, or choose from one of our branding design packages.

Logo design: is a key part of what Alchemist offer. A logo is the most visual part of your brand and, if done correctly, can be the most memorable. Depending on your preference or the nature of your brand, we can create icon or text based logo designs. If you’re not sure, we can come up with suggestions for each until we settle on an approach that you like.

Strapline/tagline/slogan: A great strap line makes clear to your audience what it is your business does, and can help to make your business memorable. You can combine strap line creation with one of our other branding design services, or we can work within your existing brand.

Stationery design: Our branding services add value by ensuring that your brand is used consistently wherever your customers come into contact with it. Professional stationery design — including items such as business cards, letterheads compliment slips and envelope — ensure that your brand looks its best whenever your customers see it.

Graphic design: Once your branding is professionally designed, it makes sense to ensure that your marketing materials are consistent and on brand. Our branding design services include graphic design of brochures, banners, flyers, digital marketing and more. Professional design of your marketing materials and liveried items helps to build customer trust and ensures your brand has impact with your audiences.

Website design: In addition to design of physical materials, we also offer website design as part of our suite of branding design services. Websites can often be the first touchpoint that customers have with your business. We can offer anything from a single page that gives you an online presence, to a full e-commerce solution that enables you to sell directly to your customers online.


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