Why Logo Design Agency vs Ad Agency?

November 2, 2010 Alchemist Studios

Why Logo Design Agency vs Ad Agency?

If you need a professional and high quality branding designed but not sure whether to go for an advertising agency or a professional logo design agency then read on.

. The ad agencies approach to logotype designs is very different to an approach of a professional designer. To an ad agency logo design in many cases is not the main source of work and is ‘comparable to a side dish’ sort of speak. On the other hand for an online design agency branding will be the main business and speciality focus.

The reason for this is because for an advertising agency logotype design will most likely be an add-on to an overall package of services they provide and therefore will be a small part of the overall large advertising campaign. That is why ad agencies often work on a long-term contract basis with large brands or brands that have a huge budget to invest in their marketing and brand development campaign.  These budgets will consist of a fee of anything from a very minimum of £2,000 to £20,000 and above.


Therefore it would make more sense for a medium to small sized companies to go with either a small design agency or a professional designer who specialise only in logo design  and corporate identity (stationery, graphics for marketing materials, business cards designs and corporate slogans, for example).

Technological advances that made the internet possible are also the reasons why online logo design companies like The Alchemist, come to the task of logo development from a different perspective than ad agencies. The companies’ costs are lower which is passed onto clients, keeping logo design prices down and available to more businesses.

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