April 28, 2013 Alchemist Studios

Logo Design by Alchemist

It is well known fact that every organisation desires an excellent logos designed for their new business. We know a good design is more than just a logo. Get it right and your business will come across as successful and professional and get it wrong, clients will not have a second look as he would rather go to your competitor who has tried a bit harder and invested in a good designer. Just take your time and browse through our Portfolio page.

It is also important to emphasise the all important fact that having professional designers will give you best result rather than hiring ‘can do it all’ designers who do not specialise on one thing they do best. We chose to specialise on professional designs and that is all we want to do and we make sure we make it the best it can be and giving our all undivided attention to the task in hand.

Furthermore, our professional designers take logo designs very seriously and therefore to achieve higher quality of designs to every client we work with we allocate an experienced account manager who will guide you throughout the process all the way.

At Alchemist Logo Design we think that by hiring a professional designer in the UK and not outsourcing the work abroad, you will be receiving much higher quality of work. Many business start ups take a risk to save money and hire designers from abroad, however, far too often the results are not worth the money spent. Many then have to incur even higher cost and spend longer time fixing the problems. Here, at The Alchemist we have an actual physical office, which is located in East Dulwich. Alternatively we could come to your office for a prior logo design consultation. For more information about our design process please visit: Logo Design Process page.

We value our clients and do the best work we can for them, in return we often receive outstanding reviews. For more information about our Google reviews please visit Google Maps at: The Alchemist Logo Design Google Maps Reviews

We will be happy to answer any of your questions and therefore do not hesitate to contact us with you enquires.

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