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How professional logo design can help your business

Your logo is a key asset for your brand. It’s often the first touch point for your clients, defining how they perceive your business. This makes professional logo design key to ensuring that client’s first impressions of you are positive.

Logo design has a long and illustrious history, from use of hieroglyphs and symbols in Ancient Egypt and Greece to the heraldic symbols of wealthy families and the more recognisable logo designs used by guilds in the 13th Century. Logos became more important at the beginning of the 20th century, with the introduction of colour printing and the rise of the advertising industry.

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The two main approaches to logo design

Logo designs typically fall into one of two categories:

  • text based logo designs – where the logo is made up of stylised words
  • icon based logo designs – where an image or icon is used alongside text.

Both types of logo design have their merits, but icon based logos allow the icon to be used separately from the brand name on products and in multimedia applications.

Our logo design service can support you in finding the right approach for your business. We can experiment with a range of logo designs and provide you with recommendations.

Our process for logo design

At Alchemist Logo Design, our logos are all designed in-house by a team with many years of experience.

We’ll work with you to develop a logo design brief that will form the basis of our work. This will help us to understand the nature of your business and your values. We’ll combine this information with our expertise and knowledge of best practices in logo design. We will then develop four custom logo designs for you to review and make a series of amendments before fully designing your chosen logo.

We use industry ­standard software for our logo designs and provide them to you in vector format, which ensures that you can use your logo in high quality for any branding application.

Find out more about our logo design process.

Copyright of our logo designs

We transfer full copyright of the logo designs that we produce, which means that you can make use of your logo in any way you choose. We will have no legal right to use your logo without your permission.

How much does logo design cost?

A great logo design can bring your business benefits that will greatly outweigh its cost, but we know all companies have to work to a budget. As such we offer a fixed­cost logo design service where we agree a fee at the beginning of the project with no further hidden costs.

Our logo design services start at only £495. We also offer a range of additional services, such as stationery design and strapline development.

Find out more about the cost of our services.

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