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Fusion wantons and Oriental cocktails make this urban bar more than the sum of its parts.

Housed in one of the old trading warehouses along the Singapore river, Stacked was conceived with a simple yet distinctly industrial interior. Utilising robust materials as raw concrete, weathered steel with also a friendly soft side.

The design vision was to create hip and happening bar serving a unique range of dim sum bar bites which fuses traditional Chinese recipes with some rather more unexpected Western ingredients.

We took those influences and created a strong and modern branding solution using varying weights of san serif fonts and a minimal colour palette of black, white and a splash of vivid yellow. The bar snacks are presented to guests in a stack (hence the name) of bamboo steamers.

This serving element is reflected in the supporting 3-tiered icon which can be detached and used separately from the main brand. This looks part of the a bamboo steamer, industrial barrel or a Chinese lantern which takes influences from the buildings current and past history.


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