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The Basics Of Corporate Logo Design

corporate logo design is basically the physical representation of a business or a corporation. A corporate logo embodies the vision, mission, goals and objectives of a business. The logo will serve as the “face” of the business and it will be the symbol that a customer tends to remember if he or she thinks of the business, the products of that said business or its services.

A lot of people think that corporate logo design is as easy as any type of logo design. This is not entirely true. These additional aspects are what make corporate logo design a bigger challenge for professional logo designers. After all, corporate logos can either be used for a very long time or they can be the only ones that will be used…ever. Corporate logos can also have different variations and companies can also have a number of logos. These logos must be coherent, however, and they should be created with fluidity in mind. This way, the objectives, messages and goals that the companies want to convey remain intact.

This article will discuss some basic aspects of logo design. These are some things that make corporate logo design quite the challenge for the designers and these are the very same things that business owners must always be aware of if they want their corporate logos to represent the values of their business well.

A corporate logo should be, above anything else, crisp, detailed and eye catching. So eye catching that it will stay in the mindset of anyone who sees it as long as possible. This way, the logo will remind these people of what you offer and may even convince them to be your customers in the long run or can prod them to refer you to others. In basic corporate logo design, a corporate logo can either be a simple image, a word-mark, a couple of words or letters, a tagline or slogan or vector.

First off, good corporate design< must entail good research. Unlike many other logo design assignments, corporate logos require more formalities. Hence, the need for research. A corporate logo design must encapsulate everything there is to know about a business – from its history to its founders to its achievements to its current challenges to its products and services to its future plans. As much as possible, learn all about the business before you create the corporate logo. Visit the company premises, if you must. This way, you can have a general feel of the business and how it is operated. Through research and understanding of the business, you can start looking for good typography, design and lines that can match the company.

Speaking of typography, did you know that fonts also play a vital role in corporate logos? There are certain fonts that convey a certain mood, a certain impression, a certain style. Also, you must remember that there are fonts that may require copyright permissions so do your research on that. If you can contact an expert on branding, then you can ask for tips and tricks. By the way, here’s a very handy tip – check the fonts used by competitors. Then check the fonts that you want to use for your own corporate logo.

The second aspect surrounding corporate logo designs the strength of the name. If the name of a company is already striking or can easily be remembered, then the logo must also be as striking and as easy to remember. A strong logo must be recognizable even from afar and it must have its own “personality” or value on its own. A good design must also look trustworthy. This way, customers, clients or business partners will have that feeling of comfort and assurance that they are in good company.

The third aspect would be details. Details, details, details. Yes, folks, details. There’s a need to stress the importance of details because even if you only want a simple corporate logo, you should never downplay the role of details.

Corporate logo design may sound a bit complicated but if the designer really knows his stuff, he can pull any corporate logo project off with ease. Perhaps the best tip of all would be to follow the KISS principle – as in keep it simple, stupid. Corporate logos need not be too fancy but they must be effective and can represent your company well. That’s what’s important and that really gets the job done.

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