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What Makes The Best Logo Design?

It has to be eye catching, interesting and can embody your business, endeavour, website or project well. Of course, you’d want that your logo looks nice and can represent your goals, vision and objectives well. So before you create that logotype or hire someone who can create it in your behalf, here are 10 best design tips that you might want to bear in mind.

1. You need not be too strict. Meaning the designs need not necessarily show what you or your business does. Think about it. Furniture logos really need not show chairs, tables and all that. Hospital logos need not show hospital beds and X-ray machines. You can be as creative as you want because after all, it is your logotype and everything is your call.

2. If you want to use text, please keep the font readable. This may sound like a pretty weird tip but, really, it is a very common mistake among amateur or under trained designers. Remember to always use or type readable text since if people can barely read the words, why bother include them in the first place? You will only waste precious space around your logo.

3. While we’re at the subject of words, remember that not every design needs a symbol. Sometimes all your logotype needs to be is a word-mark or a group of words. So if you’re a professional graphic designer, always consult your customer and ask if he or she wants words or symbols or word-marks.

4. Use vectors as the base or original version of your logo. Professional logo designers should know that vector formats are the best ones so that it would be easier for them to manipulate or enhance or change the designs in the future just in case the customer does not like the original version. If the design is created with a vector format, it will be easy for you to change certain aspects of it. If your designs are of a jpeg format, it will be difficult for you to change it and you may end up starting from scratch which is, of course, very taxing.

5. As much as possible, avoid using three or even more types of fonts. Draw the line at two fonts and that’s it. Using two types of fonts maximum will uphold the coherence of the design as well as the message you want your branding to convey. Consistency and fluidity are very important aspects to a good and effective logo. Always bear this in mind.

6. Remember to create a variation that would also look good when placed on dark backgrounds. This is because not all customers want to place the logotype on purely white or even transparent backgrounds. There will always be a possibility that the customer will place it on a dark background. Also, if you will use the designs for your own personal use, it may be a good idea to always have your logotype be “flexible” enough and “ready to adapt.”

7. Avoid using photos on your logo. As much as you think it would look cool if you include a recent photo of a sunset you took during a vacation in Paris, it will not be a good idea. First of all, photos do not use vector formats and going back to our earlier tip, logos must be of vector formats. Also, it will be highly impractical to place a photo when the design will be resized anyway.

8. Work in black but also create a white version of your logo. This is a good logo design tip that a lot of logo designers fail to follow. Once you work on a logotype using black, you focus on the objective, message and idea. You will not be distracted with hues or colours.

9. Always bear in mind your message and the overall objective of the logo. While it would be cool to use the cursive type of font for wedding coordinator business logos, it might not be a good idea to use that for a law firm. Use formal looking fonts when appropriate. Use funky looking fonts when called for.

10. Use your creativity to the max and do not be afraid to take risks. If you have a great idea for a logo and you’ve followed all aforementioned tips, then go ahead and implement it. Who knows, your logotype might just very well be one of the best in design history!

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