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What’s the biggest web design trend for 2023?

Web design trends come and go with each passing year. This ever-evolving field allows a lot of room for exploration as you create the perfect website that is completely functional and aesthetically pleasing. Trends can be an easy-to-employ marker of what will draw more attention to your website. This is why if you really want to grow your website in 2023 then you might be better off trying some of the trends that will dominate the web design world in 2023.

  1. More lightweight websites
    While for most people when they think about web design the first things that come to mind have to do with fonts, colors, and images, the reality is that web design deals with so much more than that. In most cases if not optimised properly all of the beautiful elements you add to your website will just work to make it much heavier than what you might expect. This means that the website will take a long time to load, which will not only be negative for SEO but also will make it less accessible to users.
    More lightweight websites are quickly rising to prominence as scrolling on phones and tablets are quickly becoming the norm. These handheld devices often have a harder time loading really loaded websites, which is why lightweightness is key.
  2. Animations
    In 2023 there seems to be a return to many trends that had been phased out a few years ago. Animations for loading screens or to make websites more interactive and immersive are quickly rising into popularity again. This return to more playful designs allows a lot of space for you to engage with users in a fun and inviting way.
    While animations that serve a particular function appear to be the new norm, there are also many websites in which animations are only being used for fun and do not actually serve a functional purpose in the website. These fun interactions are engaging and do not impact the functionality or accessibility of your website.
  3. Kinetic Typography
    The move towards more engaging and playful designs has also made its way into the typography that has become more popular in web design. Kinetic typography brings the perfect balance between animations and having text in motion. These text-in-motion banners and other elements can help provide valuable information that cycles across the screen as needed. It is also a great way of drawing people’s attention to one particular thing.
  4. Retro typography and thinner lines
    With a return to older trends, there is also a return to different font types. Retro-style letters that draw inspiration from the 1960s and 1990s as swiftly making a comeback. These tend to also work with more art deco style animations, as they draw from similar eras. In terms of the fonts that are becoming more popular, there is a move towards thinner-looking serif-type fonts. These are often perceived to be more sophisticated and are quickly becoming the standard font used.
  5. AI-generated color palette
    AI has made its way into website design by providing the perfect assistance to help you design which colors would work best for your website. Whether you already have an idea about one colour you would like to use or you are trying to find an entirely new colour scheme, with AI-generated palettes you can easily locate complementary colors that will help your website pop out and grab the attention of users who visit your site.
  6. 3D Designs
    3D Designs are being used at an increased pace in web design. The large availability of tools for the creation of 3D designs and models has made this technology more accessible and thus, easier for web designers to employ.
    3D designs are commonly used in the welcome or loading pages of different websites. 3D avatars and new nature-based patterns and designs are frequently used throughout websites to increase the attention given to specific parts of the website.
  7. More inclusive designs
    Web Design in 2023 will be dominated by the need for inclusivity and greater accessibility. This will be obvious in various ways, from how the website functions to the characters, backgrounds, and experiences being featured on different websites.
    The inclusive design will not just relate to making people feel more well-represented, it will also extend to the realms of accessibility where different color contrasts, dark and light modes, sound, keyboard navigation, and other accessibility features will become a more prevalent part of the design.

The web design trends of 2023 are going to be a mix of innovation and a return to older trends. This mix allows a lot of space for greater creativity in deciding which trends would best suit your website. A good web design agency should be able to guide you through all of these different trends and provide insight into the trends that your users would enjoy seeing on your site the most.

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