September 3, 2020 Alchemist Studios

What Does a Website Designer Do?


If you’ve considered the prospect of getting a new website or redesigning an existing site, then you’ve probably thought about enlisting the help of a Web Designer

But what does a Web Designer actually do?

In its simplest form a Web Designer will design the pages of a website. 

A Web Designer differs from a Web Developer in the sense that a Developer turns web designs into reality, and ensures that the different parts of the website all fit together. 

Both Web Designers and Web Developers tend to inhibit similar competencies such as; creativity, imagination, advanced technical ability, and a strong attention to detail. Having a strong coding knowledge is also key as you need to actually programme the web designs to function appropriately.

What Are the Roles and Responsibilities of a Web Designer?

A Web Designer’s role goes further than just assessing the page layout and structure. One needs to consider colours, typography, icons, imagery – everything that an individual will be seeing on the page. 

Once more, this extends beyond the aesthetics. You have the entire User Experience (UX) to factor in. You could have the prettiest website, but if it’s not an enjoyable experience for the use, they will be likely to bounce. 

Then there’s mobile to consider. Many of us opt for browsing online on our phones and tablets, therefore, you need to make sure your website is responsive and reacts to whatever the user’s screen size is. You need to make sure your site is appealing both on desktop as well as mobile, otherwise your user experience will be impacted as well as your Google rankings. Did you know that Google’s ranking algorithm prioritises mobile experience over desktop? It helps if a Web Designer has some Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) knowledge as well of course. 

When assessing all of the above, it is imperative to consider the websites target demographic as well. You need to tailor your designs to what will be the most beneficial for the end user. Fonts, colours, images, content all need to be designed and aligned with an audience in mind, otherwise you’re setting yourself up for a fail.

What Will a Web Design Use to Design and Build a Website?

Web Designers will use a host of Content Management Systems (CMS) to design and develop a website. With a whole host of options out there it can be difficult to know which option you should go with. 

As a Web Design Agency ourselves, we always recommend WordPress to our clients. Mainly for the reason of its tremendous flexibility. Whatever the nature of your business, its greater functionality means that we can design everything from simple one-page websites to bespoke ecommerce solutions. Additionally, it’s much simpler to manage and maintain than some of its adversaries, which really comes in handy as your website starts to grow and develop.   

Here at Alchemist, we have extensive experience in delivering innovative and fully functioning websites with WordPress. Giving you a website that’s easy to use, manage, and get you found on Google. 

We have many years of experience delivering eye-catching and fully functioning websites for clients. Get in touch with us and let’s discuss your website project.

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