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Get Your Logo Design Right

It represents the company brand, image and even the vision, mission, goal of the company. While it is true that it is only a symbol, a sign or even an emblem, a logotype may also be the very first and the very last thing that a potential customer will remember about you and your business. Hence, professional designs are really very crucial to the success and to the failure of a business.

This is particularly why it is also equally important to have the right logotype. What good is it to have a logotype when the designs do not capture the correct and real essence of your business? A company logotype must not only be effective but it must also be honest, can strike good recall, is visually appealing or attractive and one that people (more especially potential customers) can easily relate to or identify.

Let’s discuss exactly why it is important to get your logos design right.

First of all, you must bear in mind that your company logotype design is not just a graphical image. It is not just a mere symbol that you can just come up with and use without even assessing its effectiveness in getting your message across. Just think of this – would you use a Nazi Swastika if your primary target audience are Jews? Would you use a water drop logo design if your primary business deals with personal computers? This is why it is highly important to study your business first and come up with keywords that
can help you ascertain the possible items you can incorporate into your company logotype. For instance, if your business deals with nature and the environment, perhaps you can discuss if it is a good idea for your designers to incorporate the colour green, perhaps a tree, a flower or Mother Earth into your company design.

Secondly, you must discuss with your designer the typeface, colour and other artistic effects that you want your logo to have. Do you want it to remain black and white? Or do you want your logo design to have a little hint of colour? What about the typeface? What kind of typography would you like your company logo design to have? Would you like the Gill Sans typeface, which was designed in 1926 but still is a beautiful font to use? Or would you rather use Helvetica and make it bold?

Thirdly, remember that your logotype must communicate certain details or characteristics about your business. That’s why it’s important that your branding must be able to evoke a certain emotion from the person or persons who look at it. Does your company logo design strike happiness? Does it make your potential customer think? Or is it just a simple, direct to the point type of logo? Do you have something unique in your business that you want your branding to embody? Take the case of a chef who wants to start his own restaurant. If he needs his brand new company logo design, do you think it’s a good idea for his professional designer to come up with a design that has a whisk (cooking utensil)? Should the logotype remain black and white or should it bear a hint of colour that matches the most predominant colour used in his brand new restaurant? While details like these may seem a bit trivial to many, still, these are the things that a business person should consider in coming up with his or her logo design.

Truly, a logo, stationery design and logo designs are crucial especially when it comes to helping establish corporate identity and brand or image for the business. If created properly, a great design can leave lasting impressions on your customers’ minds. If created properly, a logo design can also contribute to your business’ success. Just take the case of Nike. Their logotype may just be a simple check mark but we all know just how effective that was to draw in lots of customers all over the world.

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