July 27, 2016 Alchemist Studios

The importance of a custom logo design

As a business, your logo is a visual representation of yourself and how you operate. It sets the tone for what customers first expect the business to be like. A custom logo design is the first step in differentiating yourself from competitors and setting your business’ tone.

custom logo design

It’s the custom enhancements of a logo that influence people’s opinions and get customers to take a business seriously. Popular logos are so recognisable, which is why it’s important to create a custom logo that will become synonymous with your business.

It is easy to create logos with fonts, colours or styles that are similar to other more recognisable brands. This is a sure fire way to make your logo less recognisable to your own brand and make it less impactful. This is something that we work hard to avoid at Alchemist.

Our custom logo design service comes at a flat rate of £495 and includes a three step process. We will have the initial briefing with yourselves to establish your requirements and specifications. We will then create the custom logo and have a handover to ensure that we have created something that you love.

We have many years of experience in creating custom logo designs for a wide portfolio of clients. From racing drivers to architects and clothing stores, we have worked with a variety of different industries.

Take a look at our portfolio of custom logo designs here.

More than just custom logo design

Creating a custom logo design is the first step in developing your corporate identity. Once we have completed the logo this can be transferred onto marketing materials to develop a corporate identity that is uniform and recognisable across different platforms.

Straplines, stationary and general marketing materials are just some of the services that we provide once the custom logo has been designed.

If you’re looking for a professional, stylish and custom logo design for your business then please get in touch today. We are happy to have an informal chat based on your personal requirements and establish how we can best help.

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