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Logo Design Trends For 2012?

So it’s finally a brand new year, a fresh new start! And with anything brand new also comes possible trends and up and coming things that everyone should be on the look out for!

One possible logo design trend for the year 2012 is one that could garner the attention of children or anything that could promote the sense of adorability, “childishness” and even possible cuteness. This means that the logo would border along the lines of being cute or just about. Just take the case of Twitter. The official logo of one of the world’s largest micro blogging tools may look a little cutesy and juvenile for others but for many, it’s effective, simple, straightforward and pleasing to the eye. So that’s one trend to look out for this 2012. Something a little cute, a little childish but definitely eye catching.

Another possible logo design trend this 2012 is one that is based on fruits. Of course, the best example for this would be the iconic bitten apple that is, to everyone’s knowledge, the official logo of Apple. With such an easily recognized logo, a lot of other companies would for sure follow suit and perhaps be inspired to use a fruit or something that depicts a fruit for their own company logos.

Third possible logo design trend is the geological or Earth-friendly or ecological trend. With more and more companies now adopting the “green” lifestyle (e.g. recycle, reuse and even re-invent) and more and more companies also promoting products and services that are friendlier to Mother Earth, they would need logos that would also depict this love for nature. Logos for these types of companies would be those that would depict wholesomeness and sincerity (in their actions and advocacy as Earth warriors) Usually, logo designers commissioned to do projects for these types of companies would infuse things from Mother Earth – for example, leaves, flowers, soil, certain animals and maybe even sunrise, sunset or rays of the sun. The important thing to note is that because being a company that strives to be ecologically sound and environmentally friendly, the logo should also represent the same.

Another trend to look out for is the gradient style. This means a subtle, indirect style but basically captures a lot of attention. By using the gradient style in logo design, the message of motion can be sent through via the logo. Which brings us to another possible logo design trend this 2012 – the isometric shapes. These isometric shapes are also known as dimensional. In the case of logos, they’re the dimensional logos. More often than not, these types of logos are needed by companies that deal with structure, architecture, engineering, Maths, Physics or anything a little bit formal than many. Isometric logos also illustrate geometric accuracy so as you can see, an architectural design company would most likely need a logo like this. Isometric logos also illustrate consistent designs. Given this, there may also be “less formal” companies that would appreciate this kind of logo. A fashion designer who wants to stick to his or her style of formal design may need an isometric logo.

The final possible logo design trend for the year 2012 is the line art. Now don’t discount the power of line art. It may look pretty normal and simple to many but truth be told, there’s a certain “art” and grace in line art. If you’re a businessman who wants to commission a logo design service team and want a line art logo, make sure that the logo designer has a good sense of accuracy and scalability. This is because line art logos can be very challenging and these can also be tough on the eyes. A lot of logo designers often make the mistake of doing too little or doing too much.

And so these are the possible logo design trends for the year 2012. If you want to have a company logo done this year, the aforementioned may help you decide which type you’d want your logo to be or have. Just make sure that either you really go through a good thought process for your own logo or you commission a professional logo design team to do the job for you. Either way, the most important thing to remember is that your logo must be effective, nicely done and unique.

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