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Leveraging London: Utilising the cultural capital in your logo design

London is one of the world’s great metropolises. The heart of the former British empire, it’s a melting pot of cultures and one of the UK’s major creative centres. If your business is based in London, taking advantage of this heritage and sense of place can give your logo design impact and instant recognition.

A sense of place

Drawing from London’s landmarks can help to root your business in the city. For some customers, locality can be a big factor in their decision making. Tying your business to London can help to build trust with your customers, making clear that you’re local and highlighting your physical presence.

One way to do this is by incorporating landmarks into your logo design. Silhouettes and outlines of recognisable buildings can help to make your company’s London link explicit. Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster have long been used in branding – just think of HP Sauce. But many of London’s newer landmarks are just as recognisable and may be more suited to your brand. The London Eye and O2 Arena have distinctive shapes that can be applied to logo designs in a range of different styles. London’s newer landmarks such as the Shard and Gherkin skyscrapers can also add interest and a sense of place.

Specific landmarks can have their own connotations, which may not be appropriate for your brand. You can get around this by using more general, but recognisable symbols of London. London’s street name signs, for example, are widely recognisable and include elements that can give your business a strong link to a particular borough. Underground signs, while highly recognisable, are trademarked so should be used with caution.

More subtle approaches can also tie your business to the capital. Integrating the path of the Thames adds an organic, almost abstract quality to your logo design. The Westminster portcullis has long associations with the borough and has been used in both traditional and modern logo designs. Each are and district will have its own symbols and iconography.

London chic

London’s cultural heritage extends beyond its landmarks. Whatever your brand, there is an iconic image that you can adopt.

Many cultural movements have their origins or heart in London and can be used to add personality to your brand. From West End theatre to punk and grime, each have their own visually arresting imagery and styles. By adopting these styles and themes in your logo design you can align your brand with a particular culture or art form.

Many art and fashion styles have also originated in London, or are closely tied to the city in public consciousness. From William Hogarth to today’s street art, there is a style to suit your brand.

Get a London-based logo design that’s right for your business

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