May 8, 2012 Alchemist Studios

Is Your Business Ready For A Logo Service?

A lot of entrepreneurs, especially the new ones, tend to think that only medium or large scale businesses need logos. They tend to think that the small businesses – backyard businesses, home based businesses or cottage industries – really do not need business logos. This is wrong. A lot of business experts say that every businessman should at least consider the idea of having a logo – whether the business endeavor is big or small. After all, every business started out small. And every business deserves to grow big!

However, when can an entrepreneur know if his or her business is ready for a logo? How can the entrepreneur know if the business is also ready for a logo design service? What are the various requirements needed? Are there pre-requisites involved?


For one, a fresh or new business may still undergo a lot of changes especially when it’s still in its infancy or “start up” phase. Hence, the need for an actual logo may not be immediate. During the first few weeks (or even months) of a business, there may still be new products, new service lines, new items. Small businesses also tend to get modified depending on various factors. For instance, if they see that a certain service line gets more attention than the others, then the owner of that business may tend to focus on that service line. Also, owners of small businesses have the tendency to “please” their customers in the hope that they establish long term business relationships with them. Hence, there may really be changes still in the business.

First of all, how do you want to use your logo? Do you want to use it right away? Where do you intend to print that logo or use that logo? You must figure these things out first because the answers to these questions will factor in a lot. If you want to use your logo for your business card, you may still have the license to change it in the future. In other words, you can have a “temporary” logo – one that you can show to your potential or new clients. However, if you want to use your logo on large scale marketing collaterals (print ads, brochures, newsletters etc), you might want to really hire a professional logo designer.

Secondly, how did you come up with your logo? Was it the result of a long and winding thought process? Or was it just something that you came up with in two minutes? If you think you only came up with the logo haphazardly, then it might be ideal if you consult a professional logo designer. You need to consult a logo design service to help you out. The professionals behind the logo design service can “clean” your logo up and make it appear more professional and solid. Remember, a logo will speak a lot about you and your business. Hence, it really must be something that can help you and your business and not ruin your reputation or be a source of problems in the future.

Thirdly, do you intend to use the logo on just a few marketing collaterals as “test run”? Because you must know that if you use the logo on marketing collaterals, this may make or break you, your business and/or your pitch to a potential client. If you think you can still adjust your time frame and perhaps be able to still consult a logo design service, then why not do just that. It may require you to shell out money but think of it as an investment that will eventually work wonders for you.

Lastly, have you created a brand or a logo before? If you have, how was it, how was the process and was the logo or brand effective? Did it draw customers for you and your business? How was the feedback? Be completely honest with yourself, check your business files and see what the answers to these questions are. If you think the logo creation process before was too tedious and that you simply cannot go through it anymore (perhaps lack of time or interest?), then it’s high time for you to hire a logo design service. Save yourself from the hassle and headache.

These are just some of the tips that you may want to think of the next time you need to come up with a logo that will help your business sales skyrocket!


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