September 11, 2018 Alchemist Studios

Is it time for a new logo?

Humans are highly visual creatures, so it makes sense that branding plays a major part in how your business is perceived by the public. Good or bad branding can make or break a business, and show credibility or imply incompetency – so it’s important to get it right. Your logo is the star of your branding package, and yet all too often businesses fail to recognise that their logo has become outdated. Here are 3 signs that it’s time for you to invest in a shiny new logo.

1. Your business is moving in a different direction

Newer businesses in particular are always growing and changing, and moving in new directions as they discover their niche. Because of this natural progression, a few years down the line you may find yourself in a situation where your logo is no longer representative of your business.

This could be because your service, name, values or goals have changed, and so your logo needs to be adapted accordingly. In these situations, a rebrand is often the easiest way to ensure you are presenting yourself in a way that’s consistent with who you are and what you do.

Another situation where a rebrand can become necessary is when a company is in the process of changing hands, and the previous owners were the name and face of the brand.

2. Your logo was designed cheaply and now you’d like something more professional

Sometimes start up companies need a quick logo to use on their signage and digital platforms but don’t yet have the revenue to hire an expert for a professional design. In cases like these, businesses often go for the cheap option, which can mean designing the logo themselves, or hiring a friend as a designer – and then taking the opportunity later down the line to invest in a more professional design. We’d suggest investing in a high-quality logo that reflects who you are as a business as soon as possible, as your logo is often the first thing potential clients see of you – so you want to ensure you’re making a strong impression.

3. Your logo is old and outdated

When your business has been up and running for many years your logo can start to look out of place in the current decade, due to trends that come and go with styles and fonts. A new interpretation of your logo can solve this issue, and give your business a fresh look without losing the brand identity you’ve worked hard to build. These small changes are valuable, because whatever industry you’re in having a fresh and sleek-looking logo will present your business as at the forefront of technological developments.

If any of these circumstances apply to you, we can work with you to devise an entirely new logo, or to come up with a fresh twist on your current design. Head to our logo design services page to read more of the benefits of having our expert visual designers create your logo.

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