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Iconic logo designs that represent London’s identity

The capital city of London is well known for its vibrant culture, history and entertainment quarters and these have often been represented through logo design. Back in 2009, the previous Mayor of London Boris Johnson tried to harness the creativity of the design world to give London its very own logo. This logo had hoped to capture the many sectors of London’s life and culture, including tourism, sports, transport and the arts. Unfortunately this wasn’t an easy task and the project was eventually shelved.

Over the years however, there has been a selection of logo designs that we automatically associate with the capital. Take a look at some of the most creative and iconic London logo designs that represent the essence of the city.

tube logo 2

London Underground logo design

The London Underground logo is possibly one of the most easily identifiable designs in the capital. Its distinctive bar and circle composition, first created in 1908 has stood the test of time, becoming a national icon in its own right. This simple yet striking design has been updated many times and is now incorporated into the whole transport infrastructure, including bus stops, dockland ferries and DSLR network logos.

The London 2012 Olympics logo design

This vibrant yet controversial logo created for the 2012 London Olympics came under much scrutiny. The jagged and vivacious design when first introduced, was met with a petition signed by thousands of people asking for it to be scrapped. The London Olympics chairman defended it by saying it was in line with their plans to reach out to young people. But no matter what the final thoughts of this design were, it certainly made a talking point in the city and across the globe.

Visit London logo design

As the ‘go to’ for London tourists, Visit London, the official visitor guidecity’s official visitor guide recently incorporated a unique design into its logo to capture the identity of the capital. This simple and effective logo features the flow of the River Thames running through the heart of central London and offers an understated yet informative design.

London’s iconic art and history logos

Within London, famous heritage and arts sites not only possess captivating stories and artifacts behind their doors, they also display iconic and striking logos too. Take a look at just a few of the most famous spots around the city.

tate logoTate Modern

The popular Tate Modern art gallery recently revamped its logo to incorporate its diverse locations and strengthen its visual identity. The logo, created with dots, aims to connect with younger people and embody the unique appeal of its exhibits and settings.

V&A Museum

The Victoria and Albert Museum is one of the largest art and design venues in the world. It was revamped for its 150th birthday alongside a makeover of its existing logo. The new logo captures the iconic initials and impressive grandeur of the venue whilst presenting a more modern and inspiring style.

All of these logos represent the wonderful and vibrant city of London, as well as a range of elements, from the abstract and modernistic to those of heritage and history. Whatever values you need to convey in your logo, contact us for innovative logo design in London and beyond.

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