October 7, 2016 Alchemist Studios

How to make a great logo design

  • Make it appropriate/relevant
  • Keep it simple
  • Be careful when choosing colours
  • Consider flexibility
  • Make it recognisable

logo designWhen done well, a logo design can have huge benefits to your business; it sets the tone, helps create relationships with your target audience and makes you stand out from your competitors. It is however, easy to get wrong. There are a few key things that, if considered, can help you to achieve a great logo design.

Make your logo relevant

A logo needs to fit your company’s profile, style, tone and offering. It needs to be appropriate and reflective of your business and the people that work in your organisation. If you’re a financial services company, your audience are unlikely to come to you if your logo is a bubble-gum pink unicorn. Relevance is vital when creating a long lasting logo that people will take seriously.

Keep it simple

Keeping the logo design simple is a must. Busy logos with lots going on and that are too loud are more than likely going to deter clients. Logos are best served clean, simple and smart.

Consider colour

Colour is an important consideration when designing a logo or brand. They’ve been found to symbolise different emotions and further help represent your business ethos. As a new business looking to set up a brand and create a logo, you should consider what colours will best represent your business.

Red: excitement, active and bold

Pink: warm, respectful and intuitive

Purple: creative, original and distinguished

Green: balanced, positive and growth

Blue: trust, dependable and strength

Orange: friendly, confident and cheerful

Yellow: optimistic, clarity and warmth


Trends change and most importantly, businesses change. All the biggest brands have gone through logo evolutions, Apple, Adidas and Starbucks to name just a few. So when designing a logo, it’s important to consider if things do change, how easy it would be to adapt your logo.

Make the logo recognisable

The ideal is to have a logo that becomes synonymous with your brand and is recognisable to your target audience, and beyond. Considering all of the above factors will help towards achieving this goal and creating an effective logo design.

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