January 15, 2019 Alchemist Studios

Give your online presence a makeover in 2019

With a new year upon us, January is the perfect time to make changes to your business and start the year with a bang. And with digital becoming increasingly important for all industries, now is the perfect time to revamp your digital presence.

The importance of having a strong digital presence

When looking for a local service – most peoples first thought is to search for it on Google – for example ‘Hairdressers Witney’. This can then show a Google My Business listing, providing information about your businesses, with space for consumers to leave glowing reviews. This in itself naturally helps you gain more business by simply putting you on the map as an available option.

Digital marketing is also more affordable than many traditional methods of marketing, such as TV or billboard ads. This allows smaller businesses to put themselves out there, and compete with the bigger players in the industry.

Young and focused graphic design student doing a freelance illustration work at home.

Re-thinking your branding, logo and website design

Making the decision to give your online presence a makeover means re-thinking your branding, which includes your logo and website design. We’d recommend updating these all at once if possible, to avoid any confusion through sending mixed messages to your potential clients or customers.

In terms of website design, we provide creative sites of all sizes – from just a single web page to complex bespoke websites. We’ll be sure to work with you to unearth exactly what you and your customers want from your website – and then deliver a finished product to be proud of.

We also design high-quality logos and other branding materials for our clients that fully reflect their brand values and personality.

How will this benefit my business?

Once your online presence is set up, and looking eye-catching and professional, it then works as a permeant advertisement for your business, as well as a source of information for potential customers. This lessens the amount of sales work you have to do – as a strong digital presence allows your customers find you.

A smart and modern-looking web presence helps convey that you’re a serious and professional organisation, as well as digitally-savvy. It also allows you to showcase your product or service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you kickstart your year with a digital makeover.

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