April 25, 2017 Alchemist Studios

How an effective logo designer can project your London business

Are you ever worried that the size of your business is holding you back? Just because you haven’t got a huge team behind you doesn’t mean you can’t be as effective as a larger business. If the quality of your product, or service, is good then that should be all that matters. Annoyingly, a lot of consumers are more willing to put their trust in seemingly larger businesses.logo designers can help make your business seem larger than it is | roofing logo

What we can do as London-based logo designers is help you project a ‘big business’ image. A professional logo design, coupled with a good branding strategy, can open your business up to a wider pool of clientele. Another thing that it gives you the potential to do is increase your prices. If your work is as good as a larger business’, why should you be pigeon-holed into charging half the price?

How can we make your business seem bigger?

Initially it’s all about perception. How people see your business. Have you wondered how people perceive your business? In order for people to take your business seriously, and assume a high level of professionalism and quality, your image needs to reflect that.

As we’ve said many times before, your logo is what people base their first impressions and general expectations on. It needs to be reflective of the core standards of your company. Design is one of the only things that can change the way people see your business without any interaction.

We’re not just logo designers. Our full branding services include business cards and stationery design. We can reflect your business’ image on all marketing materials.

Our costs

For a clean, professional looking logo to make your business appear larger than it really is, we charge £750. That’s for four custom designed logos with three amendments at each stage.

We then have various design packages up to the price of £800 for your logo design, strapline and stationery design.

If you’re looking for a logo designer in the London area that you can trust give us a call today. We have extensive experience working with small businesses looking to improve their image.

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