February 26, 2019 Alchemist Studios

More Than Just a Logo – Creating a Comprehensive Visual Identity

A logo that sums up your business is vital when it comes to branding, but it’s not the only visual component to consider. It’s easy to fall into the trap of attempting to distil your brand values into one core image, rather than creating a unique and comprehensive identity for use across all your business materials. We take a look at how you can create your visual identity, and why you’ll want to…

Designing an identity that works for your business

How is a visual identity different to a logo?

Logo design is about creating an identification for your business, the design should be easy to recognise, suitable for use across a range of platforms (for more information, take a look at our article on how digital platforms are influencing logo design) and unique to your business.

Your visual identity goes further still. It’s about how your brand is presented to the world through your presentations, flyers, advertising and other materials. Visual identity is broader than your logo and often helps to establish your business as a brand by ensuring everything you share has a consistent design and message.

Why is it important?

Often, a strong visual identity evokes emotion. It’s about communicating your brand values through colour, imagery and design style. A strong visual identity can help your customers feel positively about your brand. It can also help reinforce who you are as a business and to reach your target market by incorporating personality traits into the visual style.

More importantly still, a strong visual identity can help establish you as a trustworthy business to new prospects. It can help you look professional and established and ensures that your material and advertising stand out, while being recognisably ‘you’.

Planning your brandHow can I turn my logo into a visual identity?

Whether it’s a progression on your existing logo or coming up with new designs altogether, Alchemist can help you to create a brand style and visual identity that speaks to your target audience. Our range of design packages are created to help us understand your business, and help you communicate goals and personality visually.

Get in touch if you want to find out more about creating a visual identity for your business.

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