September 20, 2014 Alchemist Studios

ALCHEMIST is born.

Over the last few months we have rebranded our company name and design. Previously LOGO DESIGN LONDON we have developed into ALCHEMIST as we felt it was time to move forward. At the birth of the company LOGO DESIGN LONDON as a name was perfect describing what we did and the location but as time progressed we felt it was lacking in umph and wasn’t rememberable. It was great at getting the marketing campaign plus company visability off the ground and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) such as Google rankings, but after years of this being in place we could change and evolve. By removing London from the brand we will also never be restricted by location and be able to spread our wings if the time arises.

After weeks of scratching our heads and lots of different ideas floating around the office a lightbulb moment came and ALCHEMIST was born. The icon design ideas really flowed and popped off the page pretty quickly, plus it was a great opportunity to add a new strapline ‘The Logo Design Remedy’ which reiterates our brand perfectly.

We are very proud of the fresh direction the company has taken and look forward to the new era producing logo designs and branding for future clients.

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