February 3, 2013 Alchemist Studios

A New Way To Refresh Your Old Logo?

For those who are on a look out for a cheaper logo design agency and thinking of changing all of your business logo design and branding – read on maybe this post will help you to save some money.

If you are thinking of changing all of your branding then stop and think! Maybe there is a way to revamp it instead? These are just a few facts that should help you to change your mind about changing your logo design completely:

1)      You have had your logo now for some time

2)      Your clients do now recognise it

3)      You have been promoting your brand now for some time

4)      You invested in marketing materials & stationery around your logo

5)      You have already build your brand and it is growing

6)      With a completely new logo you will need to start again

7)      You will save money by just slightly revamping it!

Therefore why not to ? See how some of the other brands have updated their logos:

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