November 18, 2015 Alchemist Studios

Our 5 Favourite Christmas TV Ads

I have a confession.  I get a bit “Bah Humbug” at this time of year. I swear to goodness that Christmas cards and decorations started showing up on supermarket shelves at the end of September. During the month of October there is a steady drip feed of festive commercialism until that day, in November, when John Lewis launch their Christmas TV ad and the Yuletide Bandwagon goes from a gentle plod into a full gallop, before the final frantic charge during the second week of December!

Normally I am not a huge fan of the John Lewis Ads. Last year we had penguins, the year before it was bears and hares, but this year there was something just a bit magical about the connection between young and old, being far away but not forgotten. I rather like it.

Despite my aforementioned “Humbugishness” the Alchemist Team and I actually do like well-made Christmas ads. In fact, after the release of the John Lewis Ad, we had a huge debate at the office to see which we think were the best Christmas Ads of All Time. With one surprise, from this year’s crop of Ads, these were the ones which got our votes.

1. The first, and possibly one of the best: Coca-Cola ad “Holidays are Coming”.

Made in 1995 and still going strong.  There is no doubt about the quality of the branding credentials on this one. Still vibrant and well made, 20 years on!

2. The Sainsbury’s Christmas is for Sharing – 2014

This might be an unusual choice for a company whose whole business is based on branding. The ad, created in partnership with the British Legion celebrates Christmas in 1914, during World War I when the British and Germans allegedly briefly stopped their wartime antics for a game of football. Everyone knows it is Sainsbury’s now, but will they know it in 10 years’ time? I am not sure, but it is a very moving ad which you certainly want to watch to the end.

3. Quality Street – Lollipop Lady – 1992

Another classic which has been going for years, but I still like the Sentiment. Nestle’s Quality Street are an inexpensive box of chocolates, which are just enough to say thank you. This Christmas Ad basically asks you to think about all the people who help you in your everyday world and asks you to remember them at Christmas too.

4. Harvey Nichols – Sorry I spent it on myself – 2013

This is not me being bah humbugish, it still makes me giggle 2 years later as there have been so many times that I have bought gifts for people, and their reaction has been less than delighted, so I wished that I had actually spent the money on myself.  This is just brilliant AND the branding is unmissable.

5. Duracell Batteries – 2015

I like this ad but it is American.  Being a parent, I end up stock piling batteries in every conceivable size and style as I have painful memories of being given a Scalextric for Christmas when I was a child. Back in those days the shops were shut for days and days over Christmas.  I had to wait for at least 4 days to get batteries at my parents hadn’t got any in the house.  I also love watching my kids with their imaginations on fire – creatives hey!

We hope you enjoy this festive trip down memory lane! You can also see the latest projects we are working on.

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