October 23, 2015 Alchemist Studios

Mark Leeson and the art of creativity

We have just received some fabulous news from one of our much admired clients, hairdressing supremo, Mark Leeson. Mark and his team have added another slew of awards to their already bulging trophy cabinet, being named again as “British Hairdresser of the Year” Mark has also been voted one of the UK’s 10 most inspirational hairdressers in the “Most Wanted Hair Icon” category of the British Hairdressing Awards 2015.

Mark Leeson Logo

When a company with so many outstanding creative accolades chose Alchemist to design their new logo it was high praise indeed. It made us exceptionally proud. Mark and his team have won many awards in the past few years; we know you will be as impressed as we are. So we are over the moon to congratulate Mark on his latest awards.

When we talk about “Creativity” everyone has a different idea of what that means.

Initially, most people probably think of artists, be they the grand masters of old like Picasso or Van Gogh, or modern day celebrity artists; Damien Hirst or Banksy for example. Some may think of theatrical artists or singers or dancers, others may take a somewhat negative view and consider the art of creative accounting.

Over recent decades the concept of creative form (be that product aesthetics or packaging) has escalated in importance in a very cluttered marketplace. Given time, our mind can open to more ideas about creativity. You only have to watch programmes like Master Chef, or the Great British Bake Off to appreciate the lengths to which creativity and the expectation of creative excellence has crept into our culture.

Albert Einstein was reputed to have said “Creativity is intelligence having fun” however, it is rather more than that. Consider the likes of James Dyson, who has taken a mundane, utilitarian product and turned it into an iconic status symbols. A perfect marriage of function and form. Dyson is so convinced of the power of creativity and design that he has started his own foundation.

There are many other examples of creative designers from Phillipe Starch and Terence Conran to Steve Jobs and Sergio Pininfarina of Ferrari fame.  In the world of fashion we have the well-known gurus of style like Coco Channel and Stella McCartney or photographers like Annie Lebovitz or Anthony Snowdon.

Which brings us neatly back to those whose creative talents are focused on our “crowning glory”. The coiffures who transform us with panache and polish and provide us with the looks which define our fashion sense; from urban chic to stylish sophistication.  Naturally I am referring to hairstylists.  As with all professions, there is a pecking order. Today we are delighted to see our client and friend Mark Leeson and his team being honoured at the cutting edge of this creative talent summit with his most recent award. So congratulations from our team at Alchemist to yours.

If you are would like to see the latest examples of the Alchemist Team’s creative talents in action, please click on our portfolio gallery, or call us today to discuss how we can take your brand to the next level, creatively.


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