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Made in Britain – Brilliant Branding

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Did you realise that a “Made in Britain” icon on your product’s packaging potentially increases it’s perceived worth significantly?

Research conducted by Barclays Corporate Banking has revealed that a “Made in Britain” label on products adds so much perceived value that it easily justifies a premium price tag.  It also confirmed that if products were made or sourced in some other countries, the value proposition fell through the floor.

The survey looked at goods such as food & drink, fashion and automotive products as well as service sector products. It observed that the Made in Britain tag gave the products a perceived exclusivity and gravitas, making many of them far more prised and sought after on the international market.

The branding added a perception of build quality and product credibility while additionally, there was an underlying belief that the raw materials were of a better standard while the staff were treated fairly.

Terms like ‘assembled’, ‘prepared’ or ‘designed’ in Britain received a Marmite response.  Where food or fashion items are packaged or hand-finished in the UK, the British stamp does not hold as much weight. The perception could be that the genuine source country may produce the base or raw materials in factory conditions in which the population of the Western World would find abhorrent.

Some UK businesses have successfully made the “Made in Britain” label an instrument of exclusivity, gaining traction in new markets and helping to grow the company.  They feel that one of the many attractions that clients had to British design is the notion they are buying into a collective national standard of quality as well as the specific professional expertise.  At the hyper-luxury end of the market are companies like Rolls-Royce. They may actually be owned by BMW yet are perceived to be a very British company.

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Rolls-Royce owners appreciate that this globally respected automotive marque buys various elements of its components from overseas, however the car is still deemed to be British and therefore every element sourced is of impeccable quality.  To be fair, in the case of Rolls-Royce this is true. They famously scoured the globe to find the perfect silk and silk embroiders for the interior of their Rolls-Royce Serenity Phantom.

Using the positive prejudice associated with being British extends beyond manufacturing to many other areas.  Across Europe the majority of music on the radio is sung in English with many British music groups being exceptionally popular overseas. 4 out of 5 of the world’s biggest advertising and creative designers agencies started life in the UK, while the 2 biggest are still British owned. Our film industry has done extremely well using our quirkiness and understated humour, honourable values and history to promote its productions.

Although the term “British Values” mean many things to many people, especially in the UK itself, the concept is an extraordinarily powerful marketing tool in the service sector.  There is an almost global perception that there is an inherent sense of honesty and fair play associated with British firms. Many international companies look for contracts to be written under British law, for companies to be floated on the London Stock Market, and insurance underwritten at Lloyds of London.  While at the other end of the spectrum, British antique dealers and auction houses are world famous, global brands; famous for giving honest valuations and ensuring that all the products sold are the genuine article and that the seller has the right to do so.

Therefore, the next time you are considering upgrading your branding or packaging, consider if the value a “Made in Britain” mark could have on your company. Alchemist Logo Design look forward to discussing your branding requirements soon.

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