Heavenly Soles


    Fish Pedicure + Spa


    London, UK


    Logo, Stationery, Miscellaneous + Email Signatures

A clever play-on-word logo design that is both memorable and encompassing of the brand name and service

Heavenly Soles are a fish pedicure and spa company based in London. When conceptualising the design, it was clear, based on the company name, that there was a lot that could be done with the logo. As the company specialises in fish pedicures, fishes were chosen to be a main feature of the design. As a term, sole has more than one meaning – it is a commonly used term to describe the bottom of one’s foot, as well as a being a flat fish. Through representing the fish as feet in the logo and adding a few toes, this made the design cleverly work together through encompassing both meanings of the term. To add the ‘heavenly’ feature into the logo design, a halo and wings were added to provide that holy edge.


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